Sunday, 5 February 2017

Interview with Banjong Pisanthanakun (Gelanggang Filem isu 8)

Menjadi penghormatan untuk isu kali ini dengan membawa pengarah kegemaran aku iaitu Banjong Pisanthanakun. Mula mulanya aku ingatkan sukar sikit nak deal dengan beliau, tak sangka beliau begitu terbuka untuk menerima soalan dari aku. Maka inilah hasilnya.

Hello Mr. Banjong, thank to accept my Question. So what you first words?

Hello everyone!

Can tell me little bit about yourself? How you into Thai film industry?

I’m a film director. I started my career as an assistant director and developing a feature film project with my company.

What you new project film?

Still confidential.

What you influence in making film?

Good stories and good movies.

Can you tell how Industry films in Thailand? It hard or easy because Thailand people always support their own product.
That’s not true. Thai film industry is so hard in every aspect

You film (Pee Mak) became popular in my country (Malaysia) and another country, also this film so funny. How you and Pee Mak Team prepare to make this film? Do you know this film became phenomenon in Malaysia and around world?

No! While we’re writing, we only thought about the local audience. So it’s such a surprise that this film travels to many places J

Also I see you like making horror movie. This because you like horror or its for Thai film market?

Just because I love horror films.

What you opinion about Asean film like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, etc?

Sorry about opinion about ASEAN films. I’ve seen only a few. So I rather not make any comment on this one.

What you think about young filmmaker? Should government help their to produce film?

I think young filmmakers are so great. They are young, creative and so energetic, of course, the government should do that.

What do you think about GTH?

GTH is not just a film studio. It’s a family. We’re family!

What you favourite Thailand director?

Thanonchai Sornsriwichai (TV Comercial Director), Pen-EK Rattanarueng.

Should for somebody want to be director must into University/school to learning making film?

It helps but it’s not a must do. It also depends on your work your showreel, not where you studied.

What make some director is good director? Make more film or has a lot awards?

Good work and dedication.

What you hate about be director film?


You playlist now…book,film,music
Book:The Martian
Film: May Who? (The Latest Thai Film of GTH)

Music: Chinese songs (I’m    studying Chinese)

Last words?
Bye bye.

*Shutter (2004)
*Alone (2007)
*4bia (2008)
*Phobia 2 (2009)
*Hello Stranger (2010
*The ABCs of Death (2012)
*Pee Mak (2013)
Alone (2007)

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