Monday, 17 November 2014

Interview with Redza Minhat (Gelanggang Filem isu 6)

Boleh ceritakan sesikit sebanyak tentang peranan kamu dalam filem KIL?

I played Akil. The lead character in the film – which is also the reason why the filmed is titled KIL. Akil is suicidal but does not have the courage to do it. Sedikit sebanyak.

Apa yang menarik tentang filem KIL yang boleh kamu kongsikan?

Apa yang menarik? Semangatnya. We had the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do with the knowledge we had at that point. It was mostly a process rather than a commercially driven project, where people just wanna make their money, pack up and leave. Best part is – friends I met during the shoot. Bunch of talented people. That was a great working experience for me.

Macam mana kamu boleh terlibat dalam dunia lakonan?

I was a bored kid in school, I wanted to be inspired, I wanted to express myself, I found a teacher who helped me with that via the stage. That was how.

Saya agak jarang melihat kamu beraksi di dalam tv mahupun filem, adakah kamu begitu memilih/demand?

Demand for payment? – Absolutely not, since I don’t make a living from acting. Memilih?......

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